About us

    With attention to detail in all versions of the material, we redesign the pleasure of cooking. Love of good workmanship - since 1971.

    All copper products are carefully manufactured in the factory in Baldenheim, Alsace. Each of our creations has its own identity and is shaped in the symbiosis of our artisans with their tools. Our process is not automated – the human hand is present at every step, thus ensuring the achievement of its technical, aesthetic and qualitative criteria.

    Corporate video

    "Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships and collaboration."

    - Simon Mainwaring

    HOW do we achieve our goals?

    We excel in the following areas:

    · Development and implementation of custom projects for product development from the first sketch to production and all the way to brand marketing.

    · Distribution and logistics services.

    · Customer Loyalty Programs , which are a great platform for building genuine connections with your customers.

    · Marketing and promotional concepts for several world-renowned brands in the field of home appliances.

    · B4B Networking , which creates extremely efficient connections between manufacturers and retailers.

    Headquartered in the heart of Europe in Slovenia, it allows us to thoroughly cover, represent or connect our partners in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and China.

    Email us to participate actively in these markets.