They cook with us

BergHOFF is an international brand that creates, manufactures and distributes sophisticated kitchen products that spice up your everyday cooking experience. It is one of the leading brands of utensils and other kitchen utensils, known for its exceptional quality.

With a passion for cooking and a focus on detail, we design products that are recognized and rewarded for their aesthetics and functionality.

All copper products are carefully manufactured in the factory in Baldenheim, Alsace. Each of our creations has its own identity and is shaped in the symbiosis of our artisans with their tools. Our process is not automated – the human hand is present at every step, thus ensuring the achievement of its technical, aesthetic and qualitative criteria.

With attention to detail in all versions of the material, we redesign the pleasure of cooking. Love of good workmanship – since 1971.

MasterChef is an international entertainment phenomenon that celebrates passion and creativity towards cooking. MasterChef inspires and helps ordinary chefs to become the best in their kitchens.

It is an internationally recognized and trusted brand that is present in more than 120 countries around the world. MasterChef believes that cooking connects individuals, families and cultures and brings diversity to common goals. MasterChef is a top cooking brand.

"Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships and collaboration."

- Simon Mainwaring

The Berlinger Haus brand is known and recognized in almost 50 countries for its high-quality products and exceptional design. The success of the Berlinger Haus kitchen utensil lies in a wide range of products, innovative ideas and a constant focus on the diverse growing demands of consumers.

We advocate a lifestyle in which every moment must be used to tackle something special. Gusta – “me gusta” is the Spanish term for “like” – is a young, cool and hot-blooded Dutch brand with a touch of Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. It is with this mix of influences that we feel most comfortable, and at the same time motivates us to develop Gusta products. “We look forward to every day – it’s part of our DNA.


No one can whistle a symphony. This requires the participation of the whole orchestra.

- H.E. Luccock