At, we strive for the fastest possible delivery of ordered goods.
    In the event that you have ordered goods that, due to unforeseeable reasons, cannot be shipped within the first five working days of the order, we will notify you of the delay via the information provided.

    Delivery is based on the selected delivery service.
    It is also possible to pick up in person at our (h) locations.
    Delivery time may be extended during the holidays and weekends.
    The provider reserves the right to order a larger quantity of products or. when ordering a product worth more than EUR 100.00, it rejects the method of payment after collection and proposes other possible methods of payment, even if the customer has already placed the order.

    As a rule, the company that delivers shipments for the bidder is Pošta Slovenije, but the bidder reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it will be able to fulfill the order more efficiently.