Our Projects

    We created the lines of the enamel dish Enamelie “from children to children” in the desire to help the most vulnerable in our own way – our children. The share of funds from each piece sold is intended for the selected program. The decors that adorn this dish are created on the basis of original drawings of our children, they are not made to order and that is why they are perfect in their imperfection.

    It is the first in a series of lines by Kids for Kids. The playful ribbons that then-eight-year-old Luna drew during her school holidays. Just because she loves to draw. The idea fell through and a good year later in 2018, the first Enamelie by Luna for Kids collection arrived on the shelves. Sunny colors and Wink at the Sun – a program of the Association of Friends of the Youth of Slovenia immediately enchanted the Slovenian customer. Together with the association Mali Zmaj, and also the Croatian one.

    "We are responsible for what we do, as well as for what we don't do, and we could."

    - Voltaire