Our team

    We are a committed, determined and confident group of people who share the same values in business and private life.

    Vse se vrti okrog naših strank - B4B je pri tem ključni element.

    All copper products are manufactured with the utmost care at the Baldenheim plant in Alsace. Each of our creations has its own identity and is shaped in the symbiosis of our artisans with their tools. Our process is not automated – the human hand is present at every step, thus ensuring the achievement of its technical, aesthetic and qualitative criteria.

    By paying attention to detail in all versions of the material, we redesign the pleasure of cooking. Love of good workmanship – since 1971.

    WHAT do we shine at?

    Knowledge is a pillar of success.
    On the foundations of a family business established in 2003 , with 25 years of experience in the field of sales of household products and 20 years of experience in the field of marketing and project and process management, in 2012 we raised the company Ariessa to a completely new level. We are proud of our growth, endurance and perseverance in a demanding business world. Our team is versatile, constantly looking for new ideas, new knowledge and creative ways to pass it all on to our customers.

    "Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships and collaboration."

    - Simon Mainwaring

    HOW do we achieve our goals?

    Values ​​are the path to success.
    We believe that the secret of any business collaboration is original and innovative approaches on which we build our work. We believe that we solve problems in a unique and patient way, as our knowledge ranges from product development to production and end customers.
    We believe that highly efficient and motivated teams are behind exceptional projects who do their work with heart. We believe that the highest quality and functionally optimal solution comes from in-depth analysis and insight into the essence of every business challenge. We believe in the strength of the team as we are stronger and more creative together