Prize Games


    1. The purpose of the prize game is to promote offers in the online store < span lang = "SL" style = "color: white;"> implementation of marketing communication within online stores and promotion of other trademarks and service marks of the organizer.

    2. The organizer of the prize game is the company < span lang = "SL" style = "font-size: 10.5pt; font-family: Roboto; color: white;"> ARIESSA DOO, Ljubljanska cesta 6, 3000 Celje . (hereinafter referred to as the sweepstakes organizer).

    3. Every resident of the Republic of Slovenia can participate in the prize draw , which follows the rules of each prize game on the social networks Facebook and Instagram . The prize draw takes place on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

    4. One person can participate in the prize draw with only one profile on a specific social network . If there is a suspicion that the same person participated in the prize game using different profiles, the organizer has the right to exclude him from the prize game immediately.

    5. The winner of the main prize is determined by lot. All participants who took part in the prize draw within the announced duration of the prize draw are eligible for the prize, in a way that d a met the rules set by the organizer. The draw is made by a computer program that selects random participants in the prize draw. The draw is not public and takes place on the premises of the prize draw organizer. The record of the prize draw is kept by the prize draw organizer. The results of the prize draw are final and cannot be appealed. The list of winners has been published on the social network where the prize draw took place.


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